Summer trends for kiwi kids!

Hey kids - It's summer time!

Summer is the season for fresh air, children playing in the park and trips to the beach.

There was a time when kids would wear whatever their parents gave them now they all have an opinion! 

So we've identified the top trends that kids (and their mums and dads) are loving now.

1. Bright tropical dresses for girls

Little girls in bright flowing dresses, comfortable and pretty in pinks and purples. Bring it on!

They want to look pretty and dressed for fun. Girls don't want to be restricted by tight, formal clothing. Heck they like to play in the sand, climb to the top of the jungle gym or get stuck into some serious scooter fun. So keep it simple with colours that forgive the spills.

2. Colour and fun images for little boys

Dinosaur prints, pirate ships and beach inspired dreams are on little boys minds! With colours to match little rascals' imagination.

Whether it's climbing trees, building a sand-castle or catching a fish, boys are after comfort with loose t-shirts and a stretch waist on pants. Don't mess with a boy on the prowl.
Shorts length is just above knee, fitting in with the trends. A smart shirt with a collar and button down features is so on trend for a dress up day out with mum and dad.

3. Unisex dressing for kids

The idea that a colour or style is synonymous with gender is a bit of a dated concept. At the very least it’s annoying when you’re shopping for a child, and at the worst it’s a statement on what your child is allowed to be (girls are supposed to be princesses and boys are all about rough and tumble). 

It's not about saying little girls shouldn't be pretty in a dress or a boy should only wear blue, but let them express themselves and choose what's best for the occasion.

4. kids clothes for special occasions

Special occasion kids clothes trending now. 

A wedding, a special family gathering or a catchup with trendy friends to take your little one too? Try a  special pair of jeans with a classy shirt or more restrained tee for little boys. Or for girls, dress them in a statement dress with colourful tights or aim for a sophisticated but fun look with summer-weight black leggings under a chic white dress.
Get your kids in on the clothing decision process but make sure to only give a couple of options so they'll love to wear their cool clothes with no danger of little tantrums.