Fun & easy recipes to make with the kids


Summer school holidays are creeping up on us once again! While it’s supposed to be one of the hottest summers yet -  we can still expect a few rainy days here and there, so why not take advantage of the days indoors and let the kids get creative in the kitchen? Who knows maybe they would start making you some yummy treats daily!

1. Yummy Mini Pizza Quiches

For a quick and easy dinner, lunch or snack, mini pizza quiches are the way to go. These bite-sized savouries are filled with all the goodness to keep the kids going through the day or for an easy meal on those busy summer nights.


(Image source:BBC Good Food)

2. Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Take advantage of all the amazing seasonal fruits New Zealand has to offer when  creating these healthy fruit popsicle masterpieces with the kids! Here’s how to make some yummy and easy frosty fresh fruit popsicles for the perfect summer’s day treat!

kids iceblocks

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3. Weetbix Double Choc Balls

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the most delicious - that’s why we LOVE this two-step Weetbix Double Choc Balls recipe. Give the little ones some freedom to mix (and get messy), while you sit back and relax!

chocolate balls.jpg

(Image source: Weetbix)

4. Melted Snowman Cookies

Get excited for Christmas and have some fun creating these melted snowmen cookies (or make them sand-men by omitting the icing sugar). These yummy cookies will make the build-up to Christmas even more exciting and allow you to spend some quality time with the kids.

snowman cookies for kids

(Image Source: Kidspot)

While you and your family make  plans to hit the beach and make the most of another beautiful kiwi summer, don’t forget there’s always plenty of opportunities and activities indoors to keep your little ones occupied when creating culinary masterpieces together!


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