My Babies

Matthew and I have four remarkable children and they have given us three wonderful grandchildren (and 2 more on the way!).

Our first special little guy lives a 40 min car ride, a ferry trip and then another 2 hour car trip away.

Our 2nd little darling is a car trip, a ferry trip, a car and then a plane to Australia.

And our 3rd precious wee girl is a car trip, ferry, car and finally, a plane to Singapore.



I don't often get to tuck them into bed.


I am Baba to them.


I miss them.


So, whenever I share a poem, a rhyme or a story, I will imagine I am speaking to my precious ones as I kiss them each goodnight.


Balloons can fly
I wonder why
They haven’t any wings
I’d like to know
How far they’d go
If we should break their strings

Some like them red
While some, instead
Prefer them green or blue
But I just find
That any kid
Is good enough, don’t you?

Zoe laughing
white dress girl
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