Cool Clothes For Babies

Instagram style for your bundle of joy!

Just because your baby is still in nappies, it doesn't mean they should lack style. So keep in mind baby fashion when it's time for those early pics and dress your little one up in stylish clothing - you'll be looking at those instagram posts and photo albums so many times over the years!

With so many adorable baby outfits to choose from, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the options. So we've made clothes shopping for newborn boys and girls simpler with these fabulous options. They'll keep your little guy or girl feeling comfortable, and looking pretty darn cute.

Things to look for when buying babywear

We all fall first for the look, it's pretty damn cute and you know little Michael (Matthew, Jack, Joey....) or Zoe (or Ayla, Ella, Isla...) will turn eyes in that outfit but.... how easy is it put on? How comfy will your precious babe be in that stretch-n-gro or top and leggings? Will it wash up well and dry quickly? How much room will it have for growing tot?

Let Milazzo Kids Clothes worry about the practical side and you just look at style. When we choose our childrens clothing we are checking for easy access for nappy changes, select the fabrics with comfort and growth in mind and then make sure they are easy-clean and hardwearing.